We are proud of what high school counselors and college admissions professionals say about the Fourth Edition of Admission Matters!  You can read some of their comments here:

“A widely trusted buide, realistic and comprehensive. Every student who’s about to embark on the college search will find something valuable to think about here, as well as high-impact advice about what to do.”

Jeffrey Brenzel, former dean of undergraduae admissions, Yale University

“If you are looking for a book where you can get the best possible advice from authors who have the ability to anticipate and answer your questions with a marvelous combination of experience and insight, then this is the book you need to buy. . .quickly!”

Gary L. Ross, vice president and dean of admission, Colgate University

“Written by deeply experienced and respected professionals, Admission Matters aims to ‘empower students and their families to make good choices. . .and retain their balance and sanity at the same time.’ Bullseye!”

Philip Ballinger, associate vice provost for enrollment and undergraduate admissions, University of Washington

“You can’t ask for a better introduction into college admissions. From exploring colleges, to applying, and deciding, Admission Matters continues to be an essential, comprehensive book for high school students and families.”

Art D. Rodriguez, dean of admission and financial aid, Vassar College

Admission Matters demystifies college admissions like no other book has, with the most current information on testing, paying for college and finding the right college.”

Robert Massa, senior vice president for enrollment and institutional planning, Drew University, and former vice president, Dickinson College and dean of enrollment, Johns Hopkins University

“I absolutely love this book and highly recommend it as a must read resource for students and parents going through the college admission search and application process. It’s easy to understand, current, and contains spot on advice.”

Bob Bardwell, school counselor and director of school counseling, Monson High School (MA)

“A thoughtful, thorough tour of the college selection process. Admission Matters goes well beyond the basics, and invites the student to personalize the college process as few books do.”

Patrick O’Connor, associate dean, college counseling, Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School (MI)

“Clear, comprehensive and sane advice from trusted experts. This updated guide provides a road map to what is often a bewildering and anxious process for students and families.”

Debra Shaver, dean of admission, Smith College


“Comprehensive, insightful, based on current research and insider expertise. A straightforward guide to today’s complex college admission process that is anything but straightforward.”

Bruce Reed, co-founder. Compass Education Group

“I wish I had this book when my daughters were applying to college. Admission Matters somehow finds clarity amidst the complicated set of confusing, even contradictory college admission practices.”

Kirk Brennan, director of undergraduate admission, University of Southern California

“An enormously useful and easy-to-read guide to getting into college. While others may claim to be the ‘gold standard,’ this one is the real deal.”

Nancy Griesemer, independent educational consultant and long-time blogger on colleges and the admissions process

“All readers of Admission Matters — whether students, parents, or counselors — will benefit from the deep insights and expertise of the authors. Accessible and a good read, the book provides much needed guidance for the college admissions process.”

Sam Carpenter, senior assistant director of admissions, Duke University

“This book is a must read for all families going through the college admissions process. If you are looking for a guide to help you approach the college search in a meaningful way, this is the book for you.”

Angel Perez, vice president for enrollment and student success, Trinity College

Admission Matters provides a straightforward, no nonsense blueprint to navigate the complex college admissions process.”

Jon Westover, senior associate director of undergraduate admissions, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“As an experienced counselor and the parent of a high school junior, I found this book packed with so many helpful and informative ideas to share with both my students and my own children. A must-have for every college-bound student’s household.”

Kathi Moody, school counselor, Lynnfield High School (MA)

“This brand new edition of Admission Matters is just what the doctor ordered. It is filled with wise, up-to-date information and insider knowledge. Families will love it.”

Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, author and founder, adMISSIONPOSSIBLE

“This is a must-have resource for students and families navigating the college admis- sions process. The authors are respected, long-time professionals and get it right from the search to enrollment.”

Jeff Rickey, vice president and dean, admissions and financial aid, St. Lawrence University


Admission Matters is current, insightful, non-dogmatic and the most inclusive book about the complex U.S. college admission process I have read. I can even see using it as a training manual for my new staff on the complexity of U.S. college admission; it is that thorough and in-depth.”

Paul Thiboutot, vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid, Carleton College

Admission Matters is the quintessential book for anyone who wants to thoroughly understand today’s college landscape. It is a must read.”

Nanette Tarbouni, director of college counseling, John Burroughs School (MO)

“This is a valuable resource, with encyclopedic information on nearly every aspect of college admission. Whether you are new to college searches or a seasoned professional, you will find answers to detailed questions as well as a rich overview of this ever-changing and complex process.”

Ralph Figueroa, dean of college guidance, Albuquerque Academy (NM)

“Filled with both common sense and sage advice, the fourth edition of Admission Matters is the only guide any high school student -- and his or her parent -- will ever need.”

Jennifer Delahunty, former dean of admissions and financial aid, Kenyon College

“This updated edition is a great addition to the library of any family with college- bound students or any counselor’s library.”

William S. Dingledine Jr., certified educational planner, past president Southern Association for College Admission Counseling

Admission Matters is the single best comprehensive guide available to help students and their families avoid the harmful aspects of the 'admission marketplace. The new edition continues that noble tradition by providing essential information and tools to make the college admission process sane, humane, and perhaps even, for its fortunate readers, a great voyage of personal growth and discovery.”

Michael Beseda, vice provost for strategic enrollment management, University of San Francisco


“This book is a gift to parents and students embarking on the college search adventure."

Monica Inzer, dean of admission and financial aid, Hamilton College

Admission Matters is not just comprehensvie, it’s a paper version of a great college counselor."

Maria Furtado, executive director, Colleges That Change Lives

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